More contacts usually mean more sales and that’s good for
the growth of your business!

An innovative mobile web lead generation service.

Scan and Scratch is an innovative contact generation service that offers businesses a new way to communicate.
The service is easy and fun to use and has many advantages: creation of awareness, buzz, lead generation, loyalty and customer data.

Why make your customers scratch?

Boostez vos opérations marketing

Boost your business

Take advantage of the ‘natural’ enjoyment that we all get from scratch cards! Bring new life to your marketing, boost your offering and your turnover with Scan and Scratch digital scratch cards.

Création de leads pour plus de prospects et clients

Scan and Scratch ?

An innovative contact generation service that offers your business a new way to communicate. The service is easy and fun to use and has many advantages: creation of awareness, loyalty and buzz, lead generation, and customer data acquisition.

Opération marketing et génération de contacts

What a great Offer

Attract new customers by encouraging them to use your Scan and Scratch digital scratch cards. Offer prizes of discounts and vouchers then monitor your marketing campaign statistics.

génération de leads

International scratching

The whole world is scratching and scratching harder! Scan and Scratch cards meet your objectives for growth and can be adapted to your customers who can scratch in English, Spanish, Italian and any other language that you need.

création de leads

An All in One solution

A unique and comprehensive marketing offer. Scan and Scratch has everything you need to set up your operation. From design to programming via the legal arrangements and hosting of your campaigns.

marketing digital

Viral marketing

Scan and Scratch generates buzz. Set up a mobile scratch card and before you know it the news has spread, which is good for you and for your scratchers! Because scratching is fun and it can pay ‘big-time’.

web mobile

MOBILE scratching

All your customers and prospects are mobile. Don’t miss this chance to get them scratching on their mobile phones. They Scan, they Scratch and your business grows faster with Scan and Scratch.

jeux réseaux sociaux Facebook et autres

Economical and profitable

Setting up your digital marketing operation with Scan and Scratch is really cost effective. Financially, it’s much cheaper and faster than setting up the same operation in a traditional paper-based version.

recruter des clients

Make noise!

Scan and Scratch is innovative, making you innovative too when you use our mobile marketing solutions and tell the world about it! Standing out from the crowd of your competitors is the first step to greater success, more prospects and more new customers.

Scan me and get SCRATCHING on your mobile phone!
marketing mobile interactif

Red Card

Example of a scratch card where the number of winners in any 24 hour period is fully controllable. You can redirect players to mobile pages or contact forms.

Gold Card

A scratch card that’s ideal for your special events and product promotions. You can display this type of ticket on your website or Facebook page to create a friendly buzz.

Star Cards

A scratch card that can be accessed via a QR code and displayed perfectly on your customers’ mobiles. Put a QR code in your shop window and watch the magic happen.

Some projects

This was a really fun way to promote our special offers! Our customers love our scratch cards.

A shop owner

We had run out of ideas to attract and convert the merely curious into loyal they’re all scratching!

Marketing Director for a major brand

We set up a POS with a QR code and passers-by were attracted by the game. Now our contact list is growing all the time.

Events manager for a shopping centre

Scratch and sell more, a simple idea, but someone had to have that idea and put into practice! We offer discounts on our options and it works really well.

Sales Director for a car group

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